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Provisioning for Trio 8800 and VVX 300,301,411,501

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Provisioning for Trio 8800 and VVX 300,301,411,501

Models Trio 8800 and VVX 300,301,411,501

Firmware - - VVXs and Trios -


I've successfully provisioned VVXs and updated them from a shared config and using [PHONE_MODEL].cfg. We recieved our shipment of Trio 8800s, four to start out with, following the links below. I've dropped the Trio8800 firmware on the provisioning server, I have 3111-65290-001.sip.ld and Trio8800.sip.ld in the folder as one post suggested. The Trios were manually updated and are up to date. In the logs, that are attached, the Trio is seeing the shared config and the Trio8800.cfg. I've also tried naming one of the configs the Mac address of Trio I was testing and it didn't find it. In the configs there are duplicates but that is for testing purposes only to make sure it was working.



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Re: Provisioning for Trio 8800 and VVX 300,301,411,501

The [Mac].cfg would need to resemble the '000000000000.cfg' file and would be used to direct the specific device to the config files.  You would not want your [mac].cfg file to look like your shared2.cfg file for instance.

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Re: Provisioning for Trio 8800 and VVX 300,301,411,501

So based on what you are saying and this article, here . I've added [PHONE_MAC_ADDRESS].cfg and changed the config file so it's not identical to the shared2.cfg. I've moved [PHONE_MAC_ADDRESS].cfg to the beginning of the 000000000000.cfg. In the app log it's referring to two files that exist in the directory that's supposed to be applied. Apologies if I'm missing something or overlooking something you've already explained. 



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Re: Provisioning for Trio 8800 and VVX 300,301,411,501

Hello Dustin,

I am unsure why we could not have just continued the conversation within this post => here <= ?


Your first post contained the file and I noticed the following:


  • The 000000000000.cfg loads via the config_file section the shared2.cfg and afterwards the Trio880.cfg

    The shared2.cfg is nearly identical or identical to the Trio880.cfg so in theory the Trio will ignore all parameters as they are already set.

  • The Trio880.cfg should be called Trio8800.cfg as the Trio cannot find its "own" name as a 0 is missing

As the phone is not able to load all the files specified (due a spelling mistake) it will ignore all configuration as there is somewhere a mistake and rather than loading only the ones it can find it will ignore all.


This is a safety mechanism to prevent configuration issues and spending hours locating the root cause.


On your second attempt you included the


  • The 0004f2fe44d3.cfg unfortunately shows that you still have not fully understood the FAQ or the Admin Guide.

    Any <mac>.cfg file is always a copy of the 000000000000.cfg including the common structure ot the 000000000000.cfg

    Just see it as the transport mechanism to "load" Software Updates, configuration and delegate locations of files and logs.

    Any <mac>.cfg will never contain any kind of configuration parameters !

Please spend some time checking the FAQ or the Admin Guide and the above reply and if all of this fails please contact WESTCON COLLABORATION as they have sold the Trio back in 29/06/2016. From our point of view this unit is out of warranty so you may be asked to PPI / Pay Per Incident if you require support.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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