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SSL/TLS Handshake Failed


SSL/TLS Handshake Failed

  • Polycom VVX 601
  • Skype for Business Online (Office 365)
  • S/W


Notice yesterday the message "SSL/TLS Handshake Failed".  Tried a couple of reboots and that didn't solve it.


Any thoughts on the cause?


In my own trial and error...


I have now disabled device updates on the Skype for Business Online Management Shell / Configuration File on the handset to allow phones to run on a different version.  Then installed S/W  Phones now seem fine.


So my presumption is...

  1. Microsoft done an update on the O365 servers that now require a different TLS version.
  2. But Microsoft have forgotten that Polycom S/W doesn't support it.
  3. And Microsoft haven't pushed out device updates first


When installing S/W manually, my choice of was from the version qualified in Microsoft's list of certified IP phones

But then if is the version Microsoft list, why is being pushed out as the  qualified version for Skype for Business Online? 

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