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[Software] VVX UC Software 5.8.1 Skype for Business

Polycom Employee & Community Manager

[Software] VVX UC Software 5.8.1 Skype for Business

Hello all,


we just release UC Software for Skype for Business Environments.


Polycom EagleEye Mini Camera Support


VVX 501 and 601 business media phones support the Polycom EagleEye Mini USB camera with all the features and capabilities supported with the Polycom VVX camera.
VVX 501 and VVX 601 business media phones with a connected EagleEye Mini camera support the
following features:


  • Video stream transmissions up to 1080p with a maximum bit rate of 4 Mbps for AVC calls.
  • Microsoft H.264 UC video codec for Skype for Business peer-to-peer video calls and video
    conference calls.
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC) with the Microsoft H.264 UC video codec.
  • Simulcast video streams with the Microsoft H.264 UC video codec.
  • CCCP video conference calls.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) for Skype for Business video calls.

Forward Error Correction


Polycom phones support Forward Error Correction (FEC) DV0 and DV1 with Skype for Business Server 2015, Skype for Business 2015 client, and Lync 2013 environments for H.264 SVC. The scheme introduces recovery packets on the transmitter which recover lost video packets on the receiver.
FEC performance and quality improvements with this release may vary depending on network conditions.


Simulcast Video


Polycom phones registered to Skype for Business can simultaneously send a low resolution video stream and a second higher-resolution video stream to conference participants in a Skype for Business AVMCU meeting. Simulcast is enabled by default.
Skype for Business AVMCU-based video meetings are driven by endpoint requests to receive video, which is called a video source request (VSR). The VSR specifies the resolution (among other constraints) and the participant(s) whose video the endpoint would like to display. The requested resolution in Skype for Business client video calls is based on the size of the video window and new VSRs are sent when the size of the window changes.


Centralized Conference Control Protocol (CCCP) Conference View Support


With the support of Polycom EagleEye Mini USB camera, the VVX 501 and 601 business media phones support the Centralized Conference Control Protocol (CCCP) Skype for Business conference view during a video call.
You can configure the phone allowing users to control the Skype for Business conference view during a video call. Users can set the conference view from Conference Settings menu.


Quality of Service (QoS) for Skype for Business Video Calls


With the release and support of the Polycom EagleEye Mini USB camera, the VVX 501 and 601 business media phones support QoS of Skype for Business video calls. You can configure VVX 501 and 601 phones to receive Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) for audio and video calls.


Toggling Between Audio-only or Audio-Video Calls


You can enable users to toggle between audio-only and audio-video calls. When this feature is enabled on the video-enabled business media phones, a soft key displays to enable users to toggle calls between audio-only or audio-video. This feature also applies to audio and video conference calls in Skype for Business environments.


BToE and Video


When BToE is enabled and the video-enabled phone is paired to the Skype for Business
client on your computer, the preference for transmitting and receiving video streams is given to Skype for Business client. The preference is given to VVX phones only when the phone unpairs with the Skype for Business client. You can place all Skype for Business related calls from VVX phones as audio-only irrespective of the call mode selected on the phone. However, users can choose to enable video from the paired Skype for Business client.

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