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Trio 8800 - Hybrid Mode Configuration is Terrible

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Trio 8800 - Hybrid Mode Configuration is Terrible

I have a TRI0 8800 and Visual+ set up with the recommended camera. I am trying to set up two lines. line 1 as SfB, line 2 for Audio calls via an Avaya SIP PABX. I have never come across such a badly designed, poorly documented system as this. To configure two lines you ar etold to add a reg.limit entry - but not told which file to put it in. I put the device onto a direct internet connection and the device registers and works on SfB - and a wireshark trace shows all the URLs that it connects to, connect it to our internal network and the device (according to wireshark) makes no attempt to call a URL - just a load of PTPv2 calls (which I understand is the Trio talking to the Visual+) - and no attempt at internet access. We use a WPAD file on our proxy, to add the details of the proxy its another hack of a reg file, but the information is very limited (as in I can add the WPAD details in the file - but what does it mean by "WPAD username and password" - we dont password protect our WPAD file, and I have configured our proxy to allow access to the internet for this device without password authentication. I have seen in a document words to the effect of "log into the web config utility as the SfB user" - however my web config util only allows "admin" and "user" so I cannot enter my SfB details. The web interface generally is weak, a lot of the settings that people need to use are not available via the web interface - things like WPAD details, PROXY name and IP address etc.


In short I have had a very frustrating couple of weeks reading posts that say "all you need to do is enter your SfB details and it works" or watching videos saying much the same thing - all to no avail.


Is there such a thing as a step by step guide to getting this unit to work as a hybrid with SfB on line one and Audio calls via SIP on line two.....and I mean a real step by step guide....not just a "do this and it works" guide.


For reference we have no on-premise SfB server and our mail is Office 365 based. We have a Cisco based network with a Palo Alto Firewall and Forcepoint.


Trio 8800 - software version

(oh and while I'm at it, why is it when I plug this into the internet it says a new version is available and then downgrades to 5.5).


Part Number : 3111-65290-001 Rev:A


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Re: Trio 8800 - Hybrid Mode Configuration is Terrible

Hi Pablo,

free to have you opionion on Polycom devices, but in my experience if you think these devices are not well documented, well, good luck with other brands!


To disable SfB Online auto-update, you can use this article as reference

The SfBO PowerShell command is

Set-CsIPPhonePolicy -EnableDeviceUpdate $false


These are good article on Hybrid Configuration


Best Regards


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Re: Trio 8800 - Hybrid Mode Configuration is Terrible

Generally my opinion of Polycom kit is good - the HDX7000, CMA, RMA and DMA are all exceptional pieces of kit...and generally the conference phones are great. However the Trio is a nightmare.
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Re: Trio 8800 - Hybrid Mode Configuration is Terrible

Hello @Welsh Pablo ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.

As already outlined by @Luca Vitali the configuration on a Trio may seem very complex due to the simple fact that this device can do what nobody else from our competition can do.


This fact obviously adds complexity to the configuration but the community has many bite-size FAQ articles explaining everything.


The mandatory software support aka downgrade via Skype for Business Online via our Partner Microsoft can be solved easily as already explained.


If this fails you can always contact your Poly reseller for 1st Level support or work with Poly support depending on the type of support purchased.


Using a provisioning solution like PDMS-E takes away the complexity and all this for a price of around 4$ per year per device.


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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