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Trio 8800 Loggin Skype for Business

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Trio 8800 Loggin Skype for Business



i cannot Access / Loggin to Skype for Business with my Polycom Trio 8800.


Current software version : 

See Logs :

013804.859|sip  |4|00|[TLS]      Outbound Proxy:
013804.859|sip  |4|00|[TLS] Hostname connection: NONE
013804.859|sip  |4|00|[TLS] Server Certificate SAN or CN validation failed
013804.859|sip  |2|00|MakeTlsConnection: post connect check of hostname(s) failed, original SSL verification result was: (0: ok)
013804.859|sip  |4|00|MakeTlsConnection: connection failed error 1
013804.859|sip  |3|00|CTrans::TCPFail workingServer 1 -> 2 0x4135f528
013804.860|sip  |3|00|UA Client Non-INVITE REGISTER trans state 'callingTrying'->'completed' by 480 resp 10 timeout(0x4135f528)
013804.860|sip  |2|00|CTrans:: REGISTER NonInv reTrans ALREADY stopped in 'completed' state at retryCount 0 code 480, timeout=10 (0x4135f528)
013804.860|sip  |1|00|CTrans:: ResponseProcess | Follow SIP logic
013804.860|sip  |1|00|Dialog 'id03091eba' State 'Trying'->'Confirmed'
013804.860|sip  |4|00|Registration failed User: bgvConf.OpapSportium, Error Code:480 Temporarily not available
013804.860|sip  |3|00|CUser::OnRegistered Entry for call 0x4156b008 with expires 0 ticks Transport 'TLS' inval Method 2 RROFO 0
013804.860|sip  |3|00|CUser::NewWorkingServer user 0 oldServer 0 newServer 0 expires 0
013804.860|sip  |3|00|SipOnEvNewWorkingServer User 0, old 0, new 0, expire 0
013804.860|sip  |3|00|SipOnEvRegistrarUpdate User 0, index 0, state 0, expire 0, working 1 bIsOcs 0 prevIx -1
013804.860|sip  |3|00|CUser::HasNoCallCallInState for User bgvConf.OpapSportium,Index 0, total calls 1 state 'SubscribeAddressBook' rc 0 of type Not Applicable
013804.860|sip  |1|00|removeContactUrlForO365User: O365Enabled='0' removeContactUrlForO365User='0'
013804.860|sip  |3|00|CUser::HasNoCallCallInState for User bgvConf.OpapSportium,Index 0, total calls 1 state 'ServiceSoap' rc 0 of type Not Applicable
013804.860|sip  |3|00|CUser::OnRegistered m_bIsRemote 0
013804.860|sip  |1|00|Dialog 'id03091eba' State 'Confirmed'->'Terminated'
013804.860|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog SetAddressLocal Config 'bgvConf.OpapSportium' <bgvConf.OpapSportium@xxx:0>
013804.860|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog AddressLocal set to Config
013804.860|sip  |3|00|CStkDialog::SetAddressLocal localTag set to ''
013804.860|sip  |3|00|CStkDialog::SetAddressLocal new address added of 1
013804.860|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog TAG '6B6F36AE-EEF9ECEA' generated
013804.860|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog local addr 'bgvConf.OpapSportium' <> Tag '6B6F36AE-EEF9ECEA'
013804.860|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog exit 0x2edab2c local list size 1
013804.860|sip  |2|00|CStkDialogList::CreateDialogObject localTarg usr 'bgvConf.OpapSportium'
013804.860|sip  |3|00|Reg UAC Response: code 480 consecutive Attempts 1 baseTimeOut 10 maxTimeOut 180 exponTimeOut 20 randomTimeOut 19
013804.860|sip  |3|00|Reg UAC Response: code 480 new m_nExpire 38 m_nOverlap 0 Trans 0x4135f528
013804.861|sip  |3|00|SipStartFailOver 0
013804.861|sip  |3|00|SipStartFailOver 0
013804.861|sip  |1|00|MsgSipTcpSocketStatus socket 257 status 0 m_bIsReconnectNeeded 0
013804.861|sip  |2|00|CTcpSocket::OnSocketStatus socket 257(0x41362168) bStatus 0
013804.861|sip  |3|00|CTcpSocket::~CTcpSocket socket 257   entry for 0x41362168
013804.861|sip  |3|00|CTcpSocket::~CTcpSocket socket 257(0x41362168) SSL_shutdown rc=0, ltf(1)
013804.861|sip  |3|00|CTcpSocket::~CTcpSocket socket 257(0x41362168) close
013804.862|sip  |3|00|CTcpSocket::~CTcpSocket Got lock
013806.314|copy |4|00|Configuration of URL failed
013808.451|mr   |4|00|MrProvUploadFileHandler::HandlePut: Error tranferring res 0 8 file /0004f2fe2fb9-plcmsyslog.tar.gz
013808.456|copy |4|00|Configuration of URL failed
013809.579|copy |4|00|Configuration of URL failed
013809.579|cfg  |4|00|Prov|Could not download file 64167f1e3cff-web.cfg
013809.579|cfg  |4|00|Prov|Uploading phoneWeb.cfg failed
013809.579|cfg  |4|00|Prov|Update configuration failed
013810.583|mr   |4|00|MrProvUploadFileHandler::HandlePut: Error tranferring res 0 8 file /0004f2fe2fb9-plcmsyslog.tar.gz
013810.587|copy |4|00|Configuration of URL failed
013812.725|mr   |4|00|MrProvUploadFileHandler::HandlePut: Error tranferring res 0 8 file /0004f2fe2fb9-plcmsyslog.tar.gz
013816.091|so   |4|00|SNTP: sync failed with all servers, trying again[0]
013821.726|tickt|3|00|[soWebTicketSendClearUserDataReq]: Sending request for clearing user data: uiSlot[0]
013821.730|tickt|0|00|soWebTicket: msg 7005 0 ffffffff 39231f8
013821.730|tickt|3|00|[StdRet soWebTicketMexDocInfo::soWebTicketResetAllInfo(int)]:[9991] iSlot[0]
013821.730|tickt|3|00|[StdRet soWebTicketUserInfo::soWebTicketClearUserData()]:[10197] Start this[38d78f0]
013821.782|app1 |4|00|[AppExchangeUiC::populateAutoDiscoverUrl] Internal & External EWS url's are empty
013821.787|cfg  |5|00|Prm|Parameter device.lync.timeZone requested type 7 (Bool) but is of type 1 (UIntNull)
013821.787|cfg  |5|00|Prm|Parameter device.lync.timeZone requested type 7 (Bool) but is of type 1 (UIntNull)
013821.790|tickt|0|00|[soWebTicketClearUserData]:Clearing the BackOffTimers
013821.790|tickt|3|00|[void soWebTicketUserInfo::clearSoWebTktUserCertInfo()]:[10148] Start this[38d78f0]
013821.790|tickt|3|00|[void soWebTicketUserInfo::clearSoWebTktUserCertInfo()]:[10191] End this[38d78f0]
013821.790|tickt|3|00|[StdRet soWebTicketUserInfo::soWebTicketClearUserData()]:[10223] End this[38d78f0]
013821.791|tickt|3|00|[StdRet soWebTicketMexDocInfo::soWebTicketResetAllMexInfo()]:[9880]
013821.791|tickt|3|00|[StdRet soWebTicketO365Info::soWebTicketResetAllO365Info()]:[6537]
013822.090|so   |4|00|[soRegistrationC] Login Credentials empty causing SoRegEventLine Deleted
013823.589|sip  |3|00|NoCall::TimeOut500ms 'Registering' m_nExpire == 0 RegisterCall -> Schedule Register listSize 0 lTimeout 0
013823.589|sip  |2|00|Schedule 'Register' nEvent 0 busyFlag 0 num events waiting 0
013823.589|sip  |2|00|new UA Client Non-INVITE trans state 'callingTrying', timeout=0 (0x413602a8)
013823.589|sip  |3|00|RegClient:RegClient expire 66 overlap 0
013823.589|sip  |2|00|SendCommand: reqDest '' isLync 0 isGRUU 0 isIP 0 useEffectiveProxy 1
013823.589|sip  |1|00|SendCommand: isLync 0 isGRUU 0 isIP 0 useEffectiveProxy 1
013823.589|sip  |1|00|CreateFailOverProxyList : Reg to Domain '' nPort 0, lkup 5
013823.589|sip  |1|00|CreateFailOverProxyList : Domain is in user part
013823.589|sip  |1|00|CreateFailOverProxyList : For REGISTER Request nPort 0
013823.589|sip  |1|00|doDnsListLookup(tls): doDnsSrvLookupForARecordList for '' port 0 returned 1 results
013823.589|sip  |1|00|doDnsListLookup(tls): result 0 '' port 0 isInBound 0
013823.589|sip  |1|00|CreateFailOverProxyList : 'TLS' for '' port 0 IP 0 is '' on tls port 0
013823.589|sip  |2|00|CreateFailOverProxyList : Exit 'TLS' lookup with 1 IP Addresses
013823.589|sip  |2|00|CreateFailOverProxyList : IP 1 is '' on tls port 0
013823.589|sip  |1|00|CTrans:: SendCommand | this=413602a8, bVQMonMessage=0, m_pCall->m_pUser->m_bOBFailOverReRegOn=0, m_pCall->m_pUser->m_bVQMonFailoverEnabled=1
013823.589|sip  |1|00|CTcp::Send(TLS) entry for address port 5061 can Connect 1 canFailOver 0
013823.589|sip  |1|00|CTcp::Send(TLS) address port 5061 can Connect 1
013823.589|sip  |2|00|CTcpSocket::CTcpSocket entry m_bIsTcpPersistentConnection 0, Inbound 0 Timeout 120 this 0x41361a28
013823.589|sip  |3|00|Open socket 250(0x41361a28)
013823.589|sip  |1|00|SetRemoteAddress set SND BUF to 64000 OK
013823.589|sip  |1|00|SetRemoteAddress set SEND TIMEOUT to 100ms OK
013823.589|sip  |3|00|SetRemoteAddress OK on try 1 nPort 57226 0x41361a28
013823.590|sip  |1|00|Task name tTCPCnt250
013823.590|sip  |1|00|CTcp::Send(TLS) exit for address port 5061 can Connect 1 status 1 canFailOver 0 FoundSocket 0
013823.590|sip  |2|00|adjustRetransWhenTimerCreated UA Client Non-INVITE REGISTER state 'callingTrying' timeout=65 (0x413602a8)
013823.590|sip  |3|00|CTcpSocket::ConnectThreadLocal. Trying to connect IP
013823.591|sip  |3|00|connectNonBlock is successful
013823.591|sip  |1|00|MsgSipTcpSocketStatus socket 250 status 1 m_bIsReconnectNeeded 0
013823.591|sip  |2|00|CTcpSocket::OnSocketStatus socket 250(0x41361a28) bStatus 1
013823.592|sip  |3|00|[CTcpSocket::MakeTlsConnection] SSL context with SSLv2 and SSLv3 enabled
013823.677|sip  |2|00|MakeTlsConnection: SSL_connect OK : TLS Handshake completed successfully
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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Trio 8800 Loggin Skype for Business

Hello Dominik.Heidegger,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

Pretty clear error message:


013804.859|sip  |4|00|[TLS] Server Certificate SAN or CN validation failed


No NTP time = Not being able to check the certificate. Please check the NTP / SNTP time. There is a FAQ on this.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

The title Polycom Employee & Community Manager is a community setting and does not reflect my role. I am just a simple volunteer in the community like everybody else. All posts and words are my own & do not represent the views of Employer.


Notice: This community forum is not an official Poly support resource, thus responses from Poly employees, partners, and customers alike are best-effort in attempts to share learned knowledge. If you need immediate and/or official assistance please open a service ticket through your proper support channels.
Please also ensure you always check the VoIP , Video Endpoint , Skype for Business , PSTN or RPM FAQ's
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