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Trio 8800 & PC pairing without USB Cable

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Trio 8800 & PC pairing without USB Cable

Dear all,


our company is using VVX600 and VVX601 devices for some years now. For our new office building we just purchased a bunch of Trio 8800 devices.

In two out of six meeting rooms the pc and the trio are very close, so we can connect them directly with the usb cable. However in the other four meetings rooms the Trio device is supported with ethernet over a table connection panel and the PC/Display is several meters away.


Is there a solution to connect the trio and pc only over ethernet?

I would like to be able to dial on the PC in the Skype for Business Client and the trio should react to it.


My plan B would be a Bluetooth connection, but of course it is always better to use a cable.


Thanks in advance.


Tobias Frings

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Re: Trio 8800 & PC pairing without USB Cable

Hi @ frings,


the feature your are searching for is calles BToE, but unfortunately it is not supported with Trio. Only with VVX and CCX series.

I´m not sure, but I think BT connection to a PC won´t work, too, because of missing BT protocols on a PC-BT-stack. But give it a try.


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