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VVX 601 Not ringing inbound call from Teams

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VVX 601 Not ringing inbound call from Teams

I have several users setup yesterday on VVX 601s and 411s and deployment everything worked fine. Today i have several users that when receiving an inbound Teams call the VVX will not ring.  They do get a ring notification from the Teams client and the Teams app on their cell phone but the handset does not ring.


I tried having the users log out of the handset and log back in with no luck.


Phone stats:


Phone ModelVVX 601

Part Number3111-48600-001


MAC Address64:16:7F:40:57:FC

IP ModeIPv4

IP Address10.42.20.184

UC Software Version5.9.0.9373

Updater Version5.9.7.11143

Camera Software Version

VVX Camera is not connected