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VVX600 Consultive call transfer question

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VVX600 Consultive call transfer question



I've got a question regarding a consultive call transfer.


Client X (external) calls User B.

User B sets up a consultive transfer to User C.

User C answers the incoming call.


Now there are two options:


  1. User B hangs up the phone and Client X gets transferred to User C.
  2. Let's say User C has a question so User A has to consult Client X before transferring.Is there a way to put User C on hold, get back to Client X and then transfer Client X to User B?

I've tried a couple of things, but so far the only way to get back to Client X, then transfer to User C is to end the call with User C, get back to Client X and setup another consultive transfer with User C.


It would be great if someone could tell me how to do this without calling User C twice.


We use a Polycom VVX600, latest software update installed (5.4.1) with a Lync profile setup. Server back-end, in case this matters, is Lync 2013.


Many thanks,





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