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[FAQ] How can I transfer a call?

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[FAQ] How can I transfer a call?

Note: Please be aware that your phone line provider needs to be consulted in regards to the Flash time !



Analog Phones like the Polycom SoundStations have only limited functionalities to enable/disable certain features on a PABX / PSTN Line.


Analog line basics:


  • The phone itself does not hold the call as this is not a technical possibility.

  • The call itself is held within the PABX/PSTN that provides the analog line and this completely depends on the line being used.

  • The Phones use the Conference / Join Button to send a Flash Signal to an analog Line.

    The Flash actually interrupts the Phone Line for a pre-defined duration and signals to the PABX / PSTN that a feature is requested.


NOTE: This functionality depends completely on the PABX / PSTN.

Usually this is used to place the call on hold and the PABX / PSTN will provide a new Dial Tone and enable the user to call another Phone or retrieve the call from hold if pressed again.


NOTE: Please be aware that a limitation may be that the analog line does not support a 2nd Call. Please liaise with your PABX / PSTN Provider.


Most Polycom SoundStations offer a Menu Option that can change the Flash time.


A usual value, depending on the PABX / PSTN,would either be 75ms, 100ms, 300ms or 600ms.


Certain PABX / PSTN may require a * star or # hash/pound code with or without additional numerical digits to invoke the transfer facility and need to be manually dialed.


The information on how to join or split multiple calls must be provided / inquired from your PABX / PSTN line provider.

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