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HELP - Auto Answer + powerful sound solution needed for handicapped person

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HELP - Auto Answer + powerful sound solution needed for handicapped person

Hi to the Community! My mother is 88 and severely handicapped, i.e. can move around slowly (if at all) and can only use her left hand with a limited range. For more than a decade she kept using a Polycom SoundPoint Pro SE-225 which served her very well. As her condition is getting worse, she has problems picking up calls in time. (If she succeeds, the audio experience for both parties is excellent.)


I'm desperately trying to find an auto-answer solution that...

- has as good or better amplification and audio experience as the SE-225,

- works with a PSTN line,

- rings a few times,

- picks up the call automatically,

- with the microphone(s) unmuted, ready for full duplex conversation,

- with zero need for recipient interaction with the device.


I'm aware of the security concerns around auto-answer. I have learned that Polycom conference phones have no auto-answer, and VVX phones that have auto-answer do it with a muted mic, so the recipient must unmute. In our use case, accessibility is the real concern and security issues are nonexistent.


A handset is not needed. SoundStation2 or Duo would be perfect pieces of hardware if configured for unmuted auto-aswer.

A setup with up to 3 external call pick-up buttons spread around the room may be a viable alternative.


Please advise whether a solution for the problem as specified above can be assembled using Polycom devices and components.Thanks in advance for your insight and help,


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