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Polycom SoundStation Premier with Vonage Telephone

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Polycom SoundStation Premier with Vonage Telephone

Hi All,


I know that, it is a very old issue but did not find the right answer.


I bought a Polycom SoundStation Premier with two extended microphones. I can't give it back. I have a vonage telephone when I connect the vonage telephone line to Polycom, I could not hear the dial tone. I understood that, polycom expects analog signal and Vonage is a digital telephone.


What kind of equipment or device I need to buy to make this setup working. I could see one device (Office Konnector from Konexx) but it is very expensive (around $90). 


I would really appreciate any suggestions


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Polycom Employee

Re: Polycom SoundStation Premier with Vonage Telephone

Hello Rao!


In reference to the Soundstation Premier Userguide, the Soundstation Premier requires a standard analog telephone line to function. Using the Konexx connector to connect the Soundstation Premier to a digital line is an alternative configuration- but it will not work if Vonage is only providing you VoIP service and not digital.


Konexx connectors have only the capability to perform digital to analog- it does not have the capability to change Voip to analog.


It is possible that the service that Vonage is providing you is strictly for use as a VoIP line. In order to confirm that, I would recommend calling Vonage's tech support.


I hope that helps you out!

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