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Polycom Sounstation 2 W - Buzzing sound

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Polycom Sounstation 2 W - Buzzing sound

Hello everyone,


I have a Polycom Sounstation 2 W with LCD screen. It is wireless, so there is a sender and the main station.

When I place a call / receive a call, the sound quality for me on the Polycom is perfect.

However, the sound quality that the people I talk to have, is very poor, since there is a constant buzzing on top of my voice.


I tried the following:

- replace the power plug / transformers on both the station and the sender: no effect

- Disconnect the station from the power plug an use it on the battery only: no effect

- move the station in another location, far from any potential electromagnetic source: no effect

- change the phone line connecting the sender to the station: no effect


At this stage I cannot use the station at all, and it did work well in the past. 

It did not receive any shock.


Any suggestion is more than welcome!


Thanks a lot


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Polycom Employee

Re: Polycom Sounstation 2 W - Buzzing sound

Hello Scha!


Are there any flourescent lights in the rooms that you are attempting to use the phone in, or are you in close proximity with an air conditioning/heating unit in your building?

If this is happening in different rooms and on different lines I would check potential environmental noises.


Hope that helps!


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