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SoundStation EX - beeping/no DT

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SoundStation EX - beeping/no DT

I have a refurbished Soundstation EX 2201-00696-001-[sticker with "H9"]. That's not working and I'd like to know what the best next step woud be.


When I plug it in the lights all flash, then it plays two tones. When I push the on/off button the three lights on top light green as well as the light above the on/off button. I don't hear a dial tone, but the keypad buttons make the correct sounds, the flash button seems to work, and the mute button turns the three lights on top red.


When I push the on/off button again all 4 lights bilink twice in unison with a tone, witch repeats.


I have an analog phone line plugged into the marked port on th epower supply and the analog phone plugged into the port marked for it on the power supply is gettign the dial tone.


I don't have the original PS to SS-EX cable or power supply. The power supply is 2201-06415-003-[sticker with "B"] and I'm using a standard Cat 5 w/RJ45 ethernet cable to connect the SS-EX with the power supply.


I know there are multiple potential issues here. Referbished unit, not the rigth power supply, not the right cable... just trying ot narrow down the next best step.

Is this power supply completely incompatible? Is the orignal cable some kind of crossover, and a standard cat 5 would never work regardless of the other issues? Etc.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

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