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Soundstation 2W - sound quality issues

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Re: Soundstation 2W - sound quality issues



Just a follow-up, as you requested.  It's a little tough to find exactly how to request an RMA on the website, so I ended up calling Polycom on the phone.  The person on the other end could not have been nicer.  She did take down the usual information to open up a trouble ticket and then offered to send me the product manual for my Polycom so I could try troubleshooting myself.  


Unfortunately, my own troubleshooting didn't work at all (basically, going into the diagnostics on the Polycom and making sure the microphone level was set on high) - and Polycom wants $75 to look at the unit, if I ship it to them.


So now I must make a calculation.  It's an 8-year old unit.  Do I spend the $75, which might result in a quick fix but might also result in an email from Polycom telling me that since my unit is so far out of warranty, it's another $XXXX to repair the unit - or do I just buy another Polycom or competitor unit.  Hmmmm.....


Again, thanks for the help.

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