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Permanently remove devices or config items from Lens?

Rob L.
Occasional Advisor

Permanently remove devices or config items from Lens?

One big issue I'm having with Lens is the inability to permanently delete / remove a device / policy from it. Deleting a device in Lens doesn't seem to permanently remove its config / policy. Once that device re-provisions, those same settings that were applied by Lens before being deleted show back up. Also, there doesn't appear to be a way to remove a config item from a device / policy. You can obviously adjust a config item with a different setting, but no way to remove it from the configuration. And since you can't permanently delete a device, once you adjust a setting in Lens, Lens will always be providing that setting. Good luck removing a line configuration! If I try to reduce the line count, Lens says there is a line with configuration and won't reduce the count. But there is no way to remove the configuration of the line.


Also, it would be nice to see a summary of all the settings being applied by Lens instead of needing to click through each section of the device configuration.

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