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Eagle Eye Cube USB Stuck

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Eagle Eye Cube USB Stuck

We recieved a brand new Eagle Eye Cube USB and it was not immedietly compatible with the G7500, Plugged into a computer with Polycom campanion attempted to upgrade to the 1.2.0 software and the Camera has been slowly flashing Amber ever since, the update gets to 99% and freezes, I left for about 2 hours and no update finishes, Try to Factory Reset via the pin hole and nothing happens, I hold the paperclip in there for up to 30 seconds at a time... any help resolving this so I can either factory reset and try update again?

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Re: Eagle Eye Cube USB Stuck

That is strange. According to release notes for EE Cube USB - it should support G7500 since firmware version 1.1, which has been release in August 2019.


What firmware version is currently on your G7500? EE Cube USB support was added in version 2.1.0 (release date - also August 2019).

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