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Login to Polycom Cloud Service Administration - email vs 365

Adam in DC
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Login to Polycom Cloud Service Administration - email vs 365

I recently created a new Active Directory login for my Poly reseller.  Since our AD syncs with 365 - the user now exists in 365 as an unlicensed user.


Let's call this user:


As an admin for Cloud Admin - - I add as another admin.  I want my Poly Reseller to be able to properly setup and configure 3 new Trios for RealConnect in our environment without coming to me all the time.  


Then, to validate this works, I start a browser in incognito mode - Edge, Chrome or Firefox.  Doesn't matter.  The first thing I do is login to Office 365 using my new user credentials for  This is successful.    


Then, in the same incognito session, I go to and enter  Since it's the first time for this admin user, I go through an activation process and continue through.  Here's the problem.  If I login with traditional login and password, I gain proper access to the portal.  If, instead, I choose Microsoft Authentication, I receive a warning that I have no admin access - even though I'm authenticating using the same email address and am logged into 365 in the same incognito session.  


Obviously - using the traditional login/password combo is the only way to go for this new user.


But, if I want to be able to login to the One Touch Dial console at the only authentication option is Office 365 authentication.  No option is given for pure login name and password.  And with this case, even though has been granted otd access, it is denied.  Thus, I cannot give my reseller sufficient access to configure and troubleshoot issues themselves.  


One final note - in the Cloud admin portal - you are given a choice for "Authentication Providers."  I chose the Built In Authentication Provider of Office 365.  I wouldn't know how to create any others.  


It greatly concerns me that I only have one working email address that works with the otd portal.  Any others I create do not work - since the otd portal works only on 365 authentication. 


I assume I'll need to put in a ticket with Support for some back-end issue.  But would appreciate any other information around this issue.  





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