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ZT Profiles on pdms-sp

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ZT Profiles on pdms-sp

Hi everyone i"m new to the PDMS platform. I was trying to figure out how to edit the ZT profile. And I also wanted to make sure I understood them right. If I add my NDP server to the ZT once I add a device to the PDMS will it tell the device to look at my NDP server?

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Re: ZT Profiles on pdms-sp

Hi @dcsubie ,

ZT Profile in PDMS-SP can be configured to redirect the devices to your provisioning server once is added.  Poly support team can help to generate a ZT profile for you. Please contact for assistance.


More information about ZT Profile:

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Re: ZT Profiles on pdms-sp

When I am claiming individual OBi devices and assigning their ZT profile and Organization, the ZT profile appears to always default back to "0 - OBi3 Series" even though I have set the ZT profile to "4 - VVX D230 Series". There is no issue with the Organization assignment though.


Can you please confirm if there is a bug with assigning the ZT profile.




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