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Elementary Students Explore French-Canadian Christmas Traditions


Elementary students explored French-Canadian Christmas traditions in their interview with Margaret Willey and her book, Clever Beatrice Christmas. This is the third Clever Beatrice book, that are all based on French-Canadian folklore and set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The students again, had great, thoughtful and interesting questions for Mrs. Willey:


  • What did you learn about writing the Clever Beatrice books?
  • How does writing make you feel?
  • Why did they bring their flour home on a sled?
  • Which is your favorite book that you’ve written?
  • What suggestions would you have for us as writers?
  • Will you write another Clever Beatrice book? This answer pointed to an interesting element of folktales. The number three is very important, i.e., the three bears, the three little pigs, etc. In this book Clever Beatrice gathers 3 items from Pere Noel to prove he is real to her friends. The number three symbolizes perfection and completeness so Mrs. Willey feels 3 Clever Beatrice books are perfect!

Polycom has offered this program every year for the 5 years, and probably will continue to do so. So watch their website for registration details. They have openings in other similar programs too.


Blog by Sue Porter Polycom Education Consultant


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