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26 October, 2011 – Overview of Three Countries-Three Stories:  Shooting for the Stars


Ohayoo Gozaimasu (and good morning), this is what students in three separate countries learned on 26 October, 2011 in a Grand Finale Polycom APAC Special Event.  The three schools (in their respective countries) included:


  • Yasawa Primary School (Minami-Somi City, Fukushima, Japan), 
  • Cashmere Primary School (Christchurch New Zealand) and
  • Milton State School (via Cleveland District State High School in Brisbane Australia.)

 Cashmere Primary School, NZSanbong-Jime3 Countries - 3 Stories, all sites


Students from each school presented about their school, what happened in their region this year, and what affects this had on their school and their personal lives.


Yasawa Primary School described the fact that they were only 2km from the tsunami and could see it from their school.  As well, they had five schools (from the nuclear evacuation region) join their school, so they could resume their studies; they have become lifelong friends now.


Milton State School described how their playground was completely under water during the Queensland floods and how strangers, volunteers and communities came to help sweep away the mud. 


Cashmere Primary School described that their region suffered three major earthquakes and have had thousands of aftershocks. Whilst their school only experienced minor damage, many of their homes have been destroyed, or need major reconstruction.


The students were then treated to a wildlife experience with Ranger Stacey from Channel Ten’s children program “Totally Wild”.  She brought in a Black-headed Python and a lizard and described how dogs, cats, kangaroos and in some countries elephants, will run towards higher ground…it seems they have an instinct and natural survival skill to know when something bad is about to happen.


Ranger StaceyMilton School with Ranger StacyStudents with black headed python


Then each school presented their Green Lane Diaries – a program developed by Green Cross Australia and Japan to help students diarize what they are doing in their homes and school, to save the planet.


Students from Cashmere Primary School in NZ, explained how their school is farming worms, recycling and keeping a vegetable garden which is used as part of their lunches. As well, lunch box rubbish, is taken home


Yasawa Primary School use their bathwater to wash clothes, they recycle as much as possible, and they grew vines with the help of Green Cross Japan, which cover the windows of the classroom.  The plants reduced the temperature so much that they do not need to use the air conditioner on most days.  They also collect bottle caps which are being sold and the money is donated to a charity used for vaccines.


Milton State School, have been learning about the affects of climate change, the melting ice caps, the rising of the sea levels, the affects of extreme droughts and green-house gases.


Then, all schools sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star where the Japanese students (who practiced their English for weeks) sang along with the other schools. 


Then finale was when the Principal of Yasawa Primary School lead the other schools and participants in sanbon-jime – a traditional closing celebration to finish off an event and wish everyone good health and future prosperity.




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