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Thanks to Sue Porter, TWICE,  yesterday we completed our 2nd session of the Polycom Special Event: Giant Folklore. All 10 classes returned to participate with author and writing instructor, Janie Panagopoulos for some guidance on writing their stories.


Janie explained her 3/3/3 Elements of Writing:


  • Problem + Solution = Plot
  • Characters – only 3 characters in a short story
  • Setting – only 3 locations in a short story

 A story needs to have a beginning where the characters, setting and problem are introduced. The middle of the story builds excitement or understanding and the end of the story creates knowledge and satisfaction.


The students absorbed the information and concluded with some of the following questions:


  • Where do you do your research?
  • Does the story have to have a villain?
  • Does the giant have to be the main character?

 We hope the students enjoyed learning about folklore, and have a lot of fun using their imaginations and creativity to form their stories.


Janie is listed in the Polycom VC Content Provider Database if anyone is interested in scheduling a videoconferencing connection. 


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