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This week 4 schools (195 students!) from the US and Canada took part in the Cleveland Institute of Music’s videoconference program, “Let’s Go to the Movies” as part of our Polycom Special Events. The students learned how music is used in the movies: as the feature in a musical, as an enhancement to action where the song is not sung by the actor and as background music. Live musicians at the Cleveland Institute of Music played background music as the students interpreted the music with movement. They also explained the term, “mickey mousing” where the background music imitates the actors actions. And finally, the students got to choose which of 3 short pieces fit a piece of film. These students will be more aware of the role music plays in the movies they see.


And, this note was sent to us from one of the participating class’s teachers, “I was going to email you last night and thank you for an outstanding VC yesterday. The kids loved it, and I even had feedback from parents on how much they learned.”


Polycom Special Events offer valuable curricular lessons for students through videoconferencing. Thank you Cleveland Institute of Music!


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