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Hans Schelgel, Astronaut - LIVE from Victoria Space Science Education Centre, Victoria - Australia 7 October, 2011.


What is the number one question every student wants to know when talking to an Astronaut? are right - "Have you seen any evidence of extra-terristrial life in space?" The official answer - Hans Schegel, European Space Agency Astronaut and NASA Mission Speciaist responded with was, "I can not confirm or deny the evidence of life on other planets"  all 68 students and five teachers/staff, who gathered via videoconference on 7th October, laughed.


68 students in total; Six students from Wellington Girls Grammar (New Zealand), 24 from Cleveland District High School (QLD, Australia), 23 from St Aidan's Girls Grammar, (QLD, Australia), and 15 from The Hutchins School (Tasmania, Australia) chatted with Mr Schelgel.about life in space is like, what it's like to float around in zero gravity, what food tasted like in space and learn about a career as an Astronaut and Mission Specalist.


As well, 700 NSW Teachers who attended the SMART Conference, were treated to the ability to watch this event live at the Polycom stand.


Science Classes were able to enrich their space curriculum not reading, or watching a video, but interactively collaborating with other schools and ask questions of Mr Schelgel.


Our next Polycom APAC Special Event is17-21 October for WORLD SPACE WEEK where students and teachers will be connecting to Space Presenters via Victoria Space Science Education Centre; NASA, European Space Agency, SETI (Space Extra Terristrial Institute) and Astrium, will be presenting.



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