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lynnette photo.jpgby Lynnette Whitfield


Overview of our last event for 2011; Three Countries – Three Stories:  Shooting for the Stars by Lynnette Whitfield


If you do not know, I manage and coordinate all of Polycom Asia Pacific's (APAC) Special Events.


Once in a while I am able to coordinate an event that not only warms my heart, but makes my job rewarding – let me share an upcoming event, and tell you why this event is special.


On 26 October 2011, three schools who suffered enormous catastrophe's this year, will connect for an event called THREE COUNTRIES – THREE STORIES:  Shooting for the Stars.  The purpose is:


  • For over 120 grade five students of three Countries, now working on Green Lane Diaries, to share their passion and ideas to help the planet.
  • To encourage students with a shared experience, to discuss their vision for a greener future on the way to recovery from disaster.

Yasawa Elementary School - Minami-Soma city - Fukushima, Japan (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant accident). Staff and students are sharing their school with five other schools from the nuclear evacuation zone.


Cashmere Primary School – Christchurch New Zealand (earthquake and many aftershocks).


Milton Primary School – Queensland, Australia (their school was completely underwater due to major flooding) – (thank you Cleveland District High School who will host Ranger Stacey from Channel 10 and the Milton PS students in their new state-of-the art videoconference theatre).


All schools will connect via Polycom videoconference technology into AARNet (Australian Academic Reasearch Network) who use our equipment and will bridge and record the entire event.


Our event kicks off with Ranger Stacey (from Australia Channel 10’s children’s program; “Totally Wild”) presenting for 20 minutes on "How Animals Bounce Back From Natural Disasters". Then we will move to Green Cross Australia and Green Cross Japan who will have the schools share their Green Lane Diaries and discuss their ideas..  This will be followed by a Student Forum filled with questions such as;

  • Where is your school?               
  • What happened this year?         
  • What is the best thing about where you live?
  • Why are you passionate about our planet?
  • What does a Green Future look like?
  • How is your school helping the planet?
  • How can kids help in a disaster?

Stay tuned for pictures and a followup blog after the event October 26, 2011.


I must publically thank our Polycom Japan team for loaning equipment and helping organise the network for Yasawa Primary School and for all of the Japanese translation. Thank you!


This event will be aired on an upcoming “Totally Wild” program in Australia and a similar Childrens'  television program in New Zealand. 


Follow me on Twitter to learn the date! @LYNNETTE_PLCM. And email me if you would like to watch the recording.

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