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Group Series EagleEye Producer Auto wake-up

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Group Series EagleEye Producer Auto wake-up

When a room in empty the EagleEye Producer will detect when when a person enters the room and automatically wake-up the RealPresence Group Series endpoint.


Available for all RealPresence Group Series endpoints when using the EagleEye Producer.


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Re: Group Series EagleEye Producer Auto wake-up


Eagle Eye Producer does not wake up. New  group 500 installation with Eagle Eye IV.  Blue screen

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Re: Group Series EagleEye Producer Auto wake-up

My quess would be that the camera is the EEIV and you are using the EEP for the EEIII camera, which is simply a cabling difference.  for the EEIV you have to use the HDCI to mini-HDCI adapter cable which connects to the back of the EEP and you connect the standard EEIV mini-HDCI to HDCI between that and the codec.  If you attempt to use just an HDCI to HDCI then you will get a blue screen as that cable is just analog signalling and does not suppor the digital signals of the EEIV. 


It is cable part number:  2457-69794-001; HDCI(M) to mini-HDCI (FEMALE) adapter cable (200 mm) for use with EagleEye Producer and mini-HDCI to codec camera cable.  Connects EagleEye Producer with EagleEye IV camera to a mini-HDCI cable to the RealPresence Group Series codec.


It can be ordered for you by your Polycom sales support if you need it.

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