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GroupSeries Touch Monitor UI Control

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GroupSeries Touch Monitor UI Control

Enables monitor 1 on a RealPresence Group Series to be configured as a touch capable screen allowing the existing embedded UI to be controlled via the monitor's touch interface.


New quick access user interface controls to enable all user functions from a connected touch monitor.


Available for all RealPresence Group Series endpoints.


The purpose of this forum is to provide your feedback on your experience of the feature and to get information about the feature from Polycom product management and other users.

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Re: GroupSeries Touch Monitor UI Control

Should this feature to work with any touch monitor? Any recommendations/requirements about brand/vendor?

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Re: GroupSeries Touch Monitor UI Control

Polycom will publish a list of tested monitors in the relese notes when the feature is released.


For the current software it is the same list as those approved for use by the VisualBoard application.  The documentation for that is at:  <here>

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Re: GroupSeries Touch Monitor UI Control

The 5.1 software which officials supports the Touch UI is now posted as is the release notes.  From the release notes:


Touch-Enabled User Interface
RealPresence Group systems add a limited touch user interface capability when connected to
touch-capable monitors. If only one touch monitor is detected, touch interactions are enabled by default.


No setup tasks are required in the web interface to enable touch interaction. However, for administrator
information on single and multiple monitor scenarios, see Polycom RealPresence Group Series
Administrator Guide.


For user information on the touch-capable interface, see Polycom RealPresence Group Series User Guide
and Polycom RealPresence Group Series with Touch Monitor Quick Tips.


Note: To enable the touch monitor interface on RealPresence Group 300 and RealPresence Group
310 systems, you must activate the dual monitor option in the system’s web interface. For information
on the activation procedure, refer to the Polycom RealPresence Group Series Software, Options, and
Accessories Installation Guide at

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