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RealPresence 700 Dual Live-Stream

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Re: RealPresence 700 Dual Live-Stream

Thank you. Just for anyone's future reference, as of current date, I understand the Dual Stream of EE Director is an experimental feature also, and one that is not supported by Polycom

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Re: RealPresence 700 Dual Live-Stream

That was very informative thanks Inyo IT. I was planning to propose a solution of dual directors in conjunction with Polycom Soundstructure, but since the feature is beta/experimental and this multi zone/room configuration is quite advanced as-is, I've decided against introducing further complication. Also as you say, with outstanding issues still unresolved, it's probably a good thing too. Thanks again.

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Re: RealPresence 700 Dual Live-Stream

Good reminder.


Any feature in the Polycom Labs section of their software is 'experimental' and is therefore not supported.  They watch this for feedback on the features.


A Polycom Lab's feature can be implemented into the production (and it will then be moved to a different place in the Web UI), or it could be determined that it is not a feature that has demand in the marketplace and could be taken out of Labs and not implemented.  Thus, it is important to indicate here that it is being used, how it is being used, any issues you experience with the feature and what improvements are desired and why.

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