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Polycom Trio 8800 Visual+ dial plan configuration for VMR

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Polycom Trio 8800 Visual+ dial plan configuration for VMR

We have trio visual+ that we enabled the experimental feature to allow for 3 lines instead of the usual 1 line


Line 1 is allocated to our internal SIP PBX and works 100% however when we want to dial an external VMR with an address that looks like an email address it fails as it tries to route the call out on line 1 which our PBX doesn't support. If I remove the configuration for the sip account on line 1. I can dial into the VMR no problem. So using the 3 line feature I want to route all calls that aren't in our internal extension format or external line format to the unconfigured line 2.


I am using the following digitmap to try acheive this [3]xxL1|RR9RxxxxxxxxxxTL1|x.TL2


But it doesn't seem to be matching the address format for line 2.


Anyone solved this problem before or can provide guidance on how we resolve this.


I am running the latest software




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