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Ashton Bentley delivers systems requiring no building works, boxed ready to ship complete with displays, audio, control and user interface. Integrating Polycom hardware into an Ashton Bentley system is simple and quick, and provides uniformity across a user’s site, or globally. Ashton Bentley systems only have 4 active components which means the systems are simple to operate and maintain wherever they are located.


           Technically advanced, easy to buy, maintain and manage and yet simple for the user to operate



  • Semi-automated operation – walk in and work
  • Assembled with no tools in hours not days
  • Modular with range of display sizes and configurations


Systems requiring no building works, and are boxed ready to ship complete with:

  • 55" or 70" Displays and in single, dual and triple configurations
  • Control Processor with audio/video processing and power management
  • Professional speakers
  • Simple user interface



Watch and see how easy it is to install an Aston Bentley system:


All housed in an ergonomic, modular and flexible freestanding chassis that can be assembled in hours, not days, with minimal skills. Optimised matching tables, either integrated or freestanding, are also available to provide a truly complete room AV collaboration system. All systems can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely via abSee, the Ashton Bentley web based monitoring platform.


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