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Edgewater Networks delivers VBP (H.323) plus SIP video/trunking capabilities (H.323 gatekeeper/SIP Registrar) in a single solution with Edgewater Networks EdgeProtect. It works seamlessly with Polycom Real Presence Platform for both SIP and H.323.


Simplifying Secure Remote Access for Unified Communications



  • SIP or H.323
  • Support for local internal/external call control
  • Securely interconnects mobile users, remote offices, trunking providers, etc.




Unified Communications / Video - For enterprise-level customers who need a Polycom VBP-like (H.323) product with SIP video/trunking capabilities (H.323 gatekeeper/SIP Registrar), Edgewater Networks’ EdgeProtect product line is the perfect solution. It works seamlessly with the Polycom Real Presence Platform for both SIP and H.323. EdgeProtect provides provisioning/security for remote access to enterprise Unified Communications Systems using encryption technology and security for business-to-business communications.



Nick Imamura

Director, Channel Sales





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