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Read First: Welcome Message

Polycom Employee

Read First: Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to the Polycom RealAccess Forum.


As the title suggests, this Forum is driven by the Polycom community and is open to all customers, resellers, distributors, employees and other industry activists around the world who have an interest in RealAccess. The Community Forums are NOT an official support channel, and answers or suggestions provided by other community members may not always resolve your issue. If you need official support for RealAccess, please contact Polycom directly through the official support channels, or contact your Certified Polycom Partner for assistance.


Before posting to the community, please utilize the search function, and review the appropriate board Sticky to be sure there isn’t already a similar posted topic. If you are unable to find what you need after searching these resources, please feel free to create a new discussion. When posting, try to make your post descriptive, specific, and clear so members can quickly and efficiently help you.


For additional assistance with RealAccess, you’ll find online documentation at


Please also take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Community User Guidelines and Community Terms of Use pages.


Thanks for taking the time to read these forum guidelines. We hope your visit is helpful and beneficial to the entire community.


Thank You!

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Polycom Employee

Re: Read First: Welcome Message

Is there a special tip for getting the tutorial videos to play?  I'm getting the error, "File could not be played" on all of them.



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Polycom Employee

Re: Read First: Welcome Message



Thanks for your question.


Google Chrome is the preferred browser. 


Could you please try with Chrome and let us know ?



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Polycom Employee

Re: Read First: Welcome Message

Just testing.



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Re: Read First: Welcome Message

Has anyone had trouble getting the License/Activation page to load.  I get  please wait  then page not found

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