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Support for RealAccess

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Support for RealAccess

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Re: Support for RealAccess

I need help with understanding the reports in Real Access Performance Summary.  Can you drill down into the call that had problems?

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Re: Support for RealAccess

Thanks for your question Renee.


Yes you can drill into the details of the calls having the issue.


Click on the Error in the Disconnection Cause Pane and you will be taken to Performance Error Dashboard. 


There in you will be able to see the happening of that particular errors plotted over time in a graph along with Impacted Sites, System Types, Users and Systems Impacted.


A Grid ( List View) at the end of the page will list out all the calls that had this particular issue.  As with all Grids this can be exported as well. 



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Re: Support for RealAccess

Is there some sort of user manual that might describe the types of errors and what they mean?  I would like to know what the disconnection causes mean?  I am trying to determine if the problem is with our equipment or something I can not control.  Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

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Re: Support for RealAccess

Please note these Call Failure Cause codes are from the DMA ( call-control) CDRs.


There a quite a number of cause codes and a more number of reasons for each of these cause codes.


We don't have a guide as such to list out all these permutations and combinations right now but working on covering the major ones which is in the product road map.


for example, Call Rejected might be due to number of reasons,
i) not enough bandwidth
ii) not allowed class of service
iii) or Policy decisions
iv) not enough resources.


I understand this does not help you much at this time and hope to address this feature soon.

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