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Configure Trio 8800 to use Realconnect for Teams Meetings

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Configure Trio 8800 to use Realconnect for Teams Meetings

Hi, I'm trying to configure a Polycom Trio 8800 that is configured for SfB to use RealConnnect for MS Teams interop.
Model - Trio 8800
S/W -
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Application SIP Banyan 25-Feb-19 10:48 -->
<!-- Created 10-04-2019 14:50 -->
<!-- Base profile Lync -->
 <!-- Note: The following parameters have been excluded from the export:
When the join button is pressed the Trio doesn't use line 2 to join via the Re4al Presence bridge.
If I make a test call to the call fails.
Any help would be much appreciated!
Regards, Graham
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Re: Configure Trio 8800 to use Realconnect for Teams Meetings

According to the attached release documents in the release V5.7.2AB support was added for RealConnect:-


5.7.2AB November 2018 This release includes the following enhancements:

• Microphone Synchronization Between Paired Systems

• Audio from an HDMI Connection

• Click-to-Join Support for Polycom RealConnect Services


In the same document it states that by default Teams meetings to use RealConnect


setting - RealConnect:exchange.meeting.realConnectProcessing.teams.enabled

Description - 1 (default) – Enable Microsoft Teams meeting on Polycom RealConnect technology.


Also, the default line that the Trio will attempt to use is line 2:-


Setting - exchange.meeting.realConnectProcessing.outboundRegistration

Description - Choose a line number to use to make Polycom RealConnect calls. 2 (default) 1-34


I have factory defaulted a Trio, signed the device into SfB Online and tried to join a Teams meeting but the Trio doesn't connect via RealConnect.

I know that for RC to work the Trio has to be able to make calls to a sip URI (you can test with


@Polycom, Is there a admin guide for a Trio and RealConnect? Something similar to this >> << would be ideal.


I can get Cisco and Lifesize units to join without any issues but not the Trio!

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Re: Configure Trio 8800 to use Realconnect for Teams Meetings

Hello @GrahamW ,


I am looking into someone responding to this.


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Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: Configure Trio 8800 to use Realconnect for Teams Meetings

Hi Graham,


Please do not use same address for different lines as documented here


To avoid unexpected phone behavior, do not use the same user name for multiple registrations. Use similar but not identical user names. For example, use: reg.1.address="" and reg.2.address="".

Try something like Trio.Graham for reg.2.address.


Add the following parameters:



You may wanna try reg.2.server.1.transport="TCPpreferred"


Add"" and call.autoOffHook.2.enabled="1" changing xxxx to your RealConnect tenant ID. In this case, when pressing the line 2 icon, the Trio will dial to the entry queue of your RealConnect service where you can dial any existent conference ID.


And finally make sure to follow the steps mentioned here if you are using a Room Account for your Trio.

Leonardo Mezzanotti
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Re: Configure Trio 8800 to use Realconnect for Teams Meetings

Thanks Leonardo, after upgrading to firmware V5.9.0.10869 and applying the suggested settings  I can now connect via RealConnect but there is no video being sent from the Visual+/Trio.


I set the video codec priority to be as per this doc (see attached image) but that hasn't made any difference.


Any additional help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Configure Trio 8800 to use Realconnect for Teams Meetings

Please open a new forum thread and share your backup. Additionally, is it only failing with RealConnect? Have you verified your firewall config?

Leonardo Mezzanotti
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