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Inconsistence Dialing to RealConnect

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Inconsistence Dialing to RealConnect

We use Trio 8800s and Group Series 500 in multiple locations but seem to see this same behavior in both devices and multiple locations. The problem is whenever we try to join a one-touch join on a Teams scheduled meeting, it frequently does not dial straight to the RealConnect service. The device will attempt to dial in but just keeps ringing until we end the call and try to join once more or a couple of times before it actually works. What could be the causes to this and troubleshooting steps? We do not block outbound traffic in our firewall. 

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Re: Inconsistence Dialing to RealConnect

I have not had that experience - but we're still new to RealConnect.  I hope not to have that experience either. 


If you haven't already - subscribe to the updates on the system here:


They have been good about sending notifications - FWIW. 

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Re: Inconsistence Dialing to RealConnect

Change the dial order on the GS to H323 first, then SIP


Im not sure about the Trios, sorry :(

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