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Instability of content sharing with TEAMS realconnect

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Instability of content sharing with TEAMS realconnect

hello guys, i'm having a rant on content sharing with TEAMS realconnect on Trios.

Everything is working smoothly with sfb online on first line of a Trio 8800. But for TEAMS realconnect, switching a half dozen content in a call finishes to have no content viewable or the last one freezed on screen, as at the sametime on windows PCs we see the content updating. Morerover , if using , by mistake, the teams powerpoint function (we can't tell 5000 people to not use it !!), nothing appear, classic as it is not supported , but next content share won't be displayed on trio, content hangs, sort of guard not set up  .

Lastest Firmware doesn't change anything, nothing is blocked on firewall, else it won't works for 4 or more times...a service request is opened for my company at POLY.

Guys, Ever experienced that on your set-ups ?

Our POC didn't reveal anything as we had tested one or two contents shared only in a call. grrrrrrr

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