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Polycom Real Connect - Teams Audio and Video LAG

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Polycom Real Connect - Teams Audio and Video LAG



We recently rolled out Teams to our company and for the most part it has been well received. The part we are struggling heavily with is the integration into our Polycom GS Series video units. When we schedule a Teams meeting and invite the conference rooms, we walk in and use One-Touch Dial to start the meeting, and we notice a 1-3 second lag from the time the far-site starts talking, to the time we hear them. The audio and video are synchronized appropriately, but arrives 1-3 seconds after it has been spoken. 


We do not have a firewall in front of these, and these are on a dedicated, under-utilized network.  We have tested putting a computer in this network and do not experience the LAG, and if we point-to-point dial another endpoint using H.323 instead of the Teams SIP call, it works great as well. 


We have a ticket in with Polycom as well, but this is an emergency. Everyday this goes unsolved we lose people on using this integration. 


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Paul Tuttle
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Re: Polycom Real Connect - Teams Audio and Video LAG

We have the same issue. Ticket was opened with our VAR with no resolution citing 43ms of latency as the culprit. SIP calls and direct H323 are fine. 

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