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Prerequisites Poly RealConnect Service

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Prerequisites Poly RealConnect Service

Hi We are looking to use the Poly RealConnect Service, below it says it needs a Global Global administrator, Is it just a one time authorisation to connect the service or is it needing a service account with global admin rights?

This section outlines environmental requirements which are applicable to all aspects of the RealConnect Service, regardless of which Microsoft unified communications services are to be used. Additional requirements specific only to either Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business will be covered later in the applicable sections.

Microsoft Office 365
In order to utilize the Poly RealConnect Service a valid Microsoft Office 365 tenant is required and a user with the Global administrator role assigned. All topologies of Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business are currently supported, as is Microsoft Teams.

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Adam in DC
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Re: Prerequisites Poly RealConnect Service

I'm a new user to RealConnect - and not an expert - and you are asking the right question at the right time.  I'm a global admin of my 365 tenant - and just went ahead and authorized the connection between my tenant and RealConnect.  And it works.  But I got to thinking, what if I get hit by a bus and they ultimately delete my account?  Should we use a "service account" instead? 


I can tell you that I've changed my password and no interuption occurred. 


Bottom line - since you are in the planning phase - think about doing all of this with a service GA account instead of a personal 365 GA account - just so you don't have to worry about it. 

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Re: Prerequisites Poly RealConnect Service


is there any news from Poly on that?

Find it challenging to engage GA in our org to activate RC service.


However - o365 GA requirements to activate a RC service may be fine, but can we manage the service or check reporting of the RealConnect with any other o365 accounts in the same tenant for this particular RC service?


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