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Problem Real Connect with SfB 2015 onprem and Cloud Relay

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Problem Real Connect with SfB 2015 onprem and Cloud Relay

I was trying to implement the RealConnect Hybrid Service for an Skype For Business 2015 ONPREM (no sfb hybrid enanled)  customer. I followed the instructions on the Polycom site,


Cloud Relay registration was successful  


Current situation/problem:

--We are able to call however after you enter the Conference Id the message “conference ID invalid” is played. If the Online Sip URI is called including the conference ID ( the call is not working at all.


I did the following to figure out the issue:

  • Check firewall (Customer has a Firewall between Cloud Relay and SfB Pool – allow Port 5061)
  • Installed Application Certificate with and without Cert Chain
  • Check SfB Event Logs (no Error or Warning when we tried to join conference)
  • Trace Sip Stack on SfB Front End Server (no Sip Message from Cloud Relay to SfB Pool when we tried to join the conference)


Is there a way to trace a call on the cloud relay itself or enable an advanced logging mode?


Cloud Relay application status is shown in poly2.jpg


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