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Trio 8500 dialing Teams Audio instead of RealConnect

Adam in DC
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Trio 8500 dialing Teams Audio instead of RealConnect

Have a spare 8500 that I'm learning on and have had a hard time getting it to behave like the 8800s - yes they are different, but still.  With Software EWS deploys but doesn't sync the calendar.  


With EWS deploys and syncs the calendar and I get the join button, but the join button doesn't scrape the Teams URL - it scrapes the Teams Audio Conferencing number and meeting ID - which is nice in an audio only situation, but I do have a Visual Plus connected that appears to be working.  


My 8800s with join RealConnect consistently.  



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Polycom Employee

Re: Trio 8500 dialing Teams Audio instead of RealConnect

Adam, the Trio 8500 and 8800 are identical in this respect and nothing should have changed between the release versions in terms of parsing RealConnect details from a Teams invite.


I'd recommend opening a support ticket in case there is a bug in 7.1.1 that needs to be identified and fixed.

Jeff Schertz - Principal Microsoft Solutions Architect [Blog]

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Adam in DC
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Re: Trio 8500 dialing Teams Audio instead of RealConnect

Thanks Jeff.  I bought this used as purely a learning tool.  So it's not covered by any plan.  I would imagine that means I cannot put in a ticket on it.


But, I might do a factory reset and try a different version of software.  And I might kill this mailbox resource and create a fresh one.  Just to start completely over again.  

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