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3G vs Wifi

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3G vs Wifi

Hi All,


Love the app, on our iPads though we find that the 3G does not work, it dials in to an RMX, ours and the test site, however we get no audio or video.


WiFi works great.


Any ideas.



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Re: 3G vs Wifi

Polycom recommends using WiFi.  Functionality over 3G/4G networks is dependent on factors like cellular coverage and is not guaranteed.

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Re: 3G vs Wifi

I am unable to use RealPresence on AT&T 3G because when it connects to my RMX or MCU's The iPad connects using a 10.x.x.x address.

My internal network is 10.x.x.x so my bridges cannot route back to the iPad.


If I jump on a WiFi or use my Sprint Overdrive I have no issues connecting.


Possibly this is your issue ? 


I am getting Border Proxies soon and will see if the CMA authentication solved this issue.

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Re: 3G vs Wifi

Hi, I was wondering if you put your border controller in and how it turned out?  We are having similar issues with mobile/3G and I'm guessing it is the same thing where the h.323 traffic cannot find it's way back to the 3G mobile devices.
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