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AT&T / Verizon / Wifi

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AT&T / Verizon / Wifi

Im able to connect into my HDX 7000 polycom via RealPresence on verizon and via my home wifi connection. I'm unable to do so through AT&T cellular. Both phones are the same model, iOS and app version. I dont have CMA or a gatekeeper. Any suggestions as to the difference?

Also, can anyone confirm that they're able to connect via AT&T cellular phone connection?
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Re: AT&T / Verizon / Wifi

A bit more information on this:


  • The polycom receives the non-routable ip (10.XXX...) when the AT&T iPhone with realpresence connects to it and it receives the routable ip (70.XXX...) when the Verizon or Home Wifi iPhone with realpresence connects to it
  • The AT&T iPhone has a routable ip (70.XXX...), for instance, when I go to something like
  • The polycom is on a open circuit, with a public / static ip and no firewall
  • Polycom to polycom calls work just fine as well
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Re: AT&T / Verizon / Wifi

Perhaps similar -

Using Real Presence Desktop I called a conference host while wired to my router. With this I had a 10. X  IP address  and I could not see the other end, though they could see me. (We had audio both ways)

After disconnecting the Ethernet wire and using wifi (same router) I was assigned a 192. X  IP address and called from that -- with this we had full audio/video, (albeit with many lost packets).

We repeated this experiment a couple of times

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