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Calls ring hang up automatically on internal network

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Calls ring hang up automatically on internal network


 I am using IPAD 2 with Realpresence and am trying to call H.323 endpoints within my coprorate network....we are behind a 4350 VBP gatekeeper.


 I am trying to call from IPAD to HDX camera, IPAD to m-100 app on XP machine, and vice versa on those two scenerios.


When I dial, it seems to connect briefly then the call hangs up on eith endpoint with a "far end has disconnected" error.


Any ideas??

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Re: Calls ring hang up automatically on internal network



Are you still having this issue? I'm dealing with something similar when trying to do Multipoint on our vsx 7000e. When I call the vsx using one iPad or one m100, the connection works great, but when another ipad or another m100 calls, all but the vsx go to audio only and then they disconnect. We checked using other equipment to do multipoint with the vsx and they worked fine. This issue has to do with the iPad add and m100. 


I used to get the "far end was disconnected" error, but now that we made sure that all the firewalls (those of the router, computer, and even county) are allowing the ports and addresses to send and receive video and audio data. Now, when my calls drop I don't get any error message. It just goes to audio mode and then drops. 


If you or anyone can help me with this, it would be grateful. 




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