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IPad Video/Audio Issue

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IPad Video/Audio Issue

We do not have a CMA server and we run our HDX 7000 on a wide open DMZ port. on our firewall. The IPad RealPresence app AV to the HDX is no problem, but we not getting AV on the IPad itself when it is on a public/private wifi like at a hotel, food establishment, etc. What can we set up to make it so that we can make these calls when we are on networks where we are not able to open the ports necessary to make these calls?

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Re: IPad Video/Audio Issue

You should be able to connect direct to the HDX from the iPad when the ipad is on a public network as long as they are not blocking the h.264 video. I have an HDX on our public side of our network and have no problem connecting to it from my iPad when I am at home using my wireless router. I have not set up anything special on the router. I use it right out of the box.


When the ipad is on the wireless it is given a private address which will not be accessible from another public address like your HDX.  You will need to register both the HDX and the iPad to your gatekeeper and then dial the iPad by its e.164 address.

The E.164 address will show up on the iPad  in the green icon labeled WLAN at the bottom of the screen. 

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Re: IPad Video/Audio Issue

We are having a similar issue though always have audio. I've compiled as much of the information as possible with a lot of testing. We can't have units set for Auto-Answer ON for day-to-day operation. In most cases the test units (far side) do receive video from the iPad. It is noted if the far side does not.


RPM Version: 1.1-14284_3530


Test units:
Avidex HDX9004 (

Company HDX8000 (2.6.0-4740) - Shown below with tag: OM 2.6
Company HDX8000 ( - Shown below with tag: OM 3.0

*Updated and tested OM unit during site visit


Network Considerations:

OM unit has internal and external IP addresses

Tested iPad with OM internal network and a second external network

Avidex unit is on external network


Avidex Test Results:


Avidex unit Auto-Answer ON
iPad receives no video
Video Protocol: --
Video Format: --

Avidex initiates a call with third party; regardless of successful connection to third party

iPad receives video
Video Protocol: H.264
Video Format: 2SIF


Avidex unit Auto-Answer OFF
iPad receives video immediately
Video Protocol: H.264
Video Format: 2SIF


OM 2.6 Test Results:

All tests done have no change regardless of third party attempt/connection

Auto-Answer not tested
All tests done using iPad on external network calling OM external IP

iPad receives no video
Video Protocol: H.264
Video Format: --
Video Rate: 48
Video Rate Used: 0


OM 3.0 Test Results:

All test cases have no change regardless of third party attempt/connection.


iPad on Internal Network
iPad calls OM3.0 External IP Auto ON/OFF: iPad receives video, OM3.0 does NOT receive video
iPad calls OM3.0 Internal IP Auto ON/OFF: Both sides receive video
OM3.0 calls iPad: Both sides receive video


iPad on External Network
iPad calls OM3.0 Auto OFF: iPad no video, OM3.0 Video
iPad calls OM3.0 Auto ON: Both have video


iPad on ATT Network (3G/4G)
OM3.0 has video, iPad receives no video regardless of Auto-Answer


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Re: IPad Video/Audio Issue

We are in the testing phases of rolling out Real Presence to our IPAD2 & 3 employees. However during our testing we noticed that when the IPAD's are sitting idle we are experiencing a huge amount of packet loss voice/data. We have a Cisco wireless infrastructure and have no problems with our laptops. When we are running VC over the IPAD the video and audio becomes very granular from time to time. Any suggestions?

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