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IPad2 and RMX Resources

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IPad2 and RMX Resources

Finally got some interest from management team in using the IPAD2 for video calls.  In testing I see that our CMA4000 registers the IPad2 as an HDX which in turn when connected in a video bridge call uses 3 video resources.  Is there any way to restrict the IPad2  to only use one video resource much like CMAD restriction?  Thanks.

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Re: IPad2 and RMX Resources

Not sure on the exact port utilisation, but you could setup a meeting room that allows just CIF calls, that way just 1 resource would be taken up or limit the bandwidth on the conference profile.



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Re: IPad2 and RMX Resources

Thanks Graham.  That is a workaround if all systems are at CIF but the management is looking at keeping the HDXs as HD just limiting the CMADs and IPad2s to CIF.  Just need to figure out how to get CMA to view the IPad2s as something other than and HDX.  Thanks again.

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