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NAT Problems?

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NAT Problems?

Our HDX 6000 is behind a cisco router with a static nat, and no firewalling, so it's  wide open to the internet. Our iPad is on 3G.


When we connect we get the following debug on the polycom:

2012-03-16 14:59:18 DEBUG avc: pc[0]: h323nat: localIP = "", farIP = "", both are non-routable but on different LANs.


The Mobile client is obviously being natted, this prevents communication with the polycom.


Whats the work around for this?

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Re: NAT Problems?

Register both to a gatekeeper and use an E.164 address.  The 3G will supply a non-routable IP to the iPad like WiFi does.  

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Re: NAT Problems?

Can the mobile units use ST VBP ?  If so I would go with that.


The problem is that you are behind NAT. What I am not sure about is the 3G. Is it through some sort of a contract with the isp that you are on a local subnet on the ipad?  Usually I would think the ISP would be using local ip on nat. You should be seing that NAT.  Correct me if I am wrong.


How is it getting a local ip?  My answer would be that there is natting going from the ipad on before you hit the 6000 unit. I can not see how else it could be. Unless you are on 3G on company local ip for the ipad. Is that possible? 

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