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Polycom Real Presence Mobile App

I have a Motorola XZYBOARD table with the Polycom Mobile app.  I connect to my HDX7000 on my company network (no firewall, only ports forwarded to internal IP address) from the tablet using the Verizon 4G network.  It has worked most of the time (the previous 3-4 weeks that I have had the tablet), until about a week ago.  Now I can connect the two devices together, but can not see the HDX video on the tablet.  A Polycom tech told me it was because my tablet's address is showing up as 10.X.X.X, and internal IP not a public IP.  I worked with Verizon and Motorola, but know one knows where that address comes from and why it is not a public Internet address.


I have defaulted the tablet, reloaded the Polycom mobile app, etc.  Nothing changes.


Any ideas what is going on?



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