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RP mobile as a standalone H323 device

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RP mobile as a standalone H323 device

Hello Community,


I would like to know how mobile works as a standalone device.

To be more specific,i have set up a RPG500 with NAT and port forward,i can make/receive calls to this device from other RPG's.


But when i try to call this public IP address from the mobile app it is really confusing.

I use mobile data and the call is dropped,i call later again with data and it works.


The same happens using Wi-Fi,i have noticed that i can call the device but when i join to another WiFi the call is dropped.


It is really strange,i can not find out how this pattern works.


Any ideas?


Keep in mind that there is not a port forward/firewall issue,i have double checked it.


The issue is only how the app should work.


Best Regards,

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Re: RP mobile as a standalone H323 device

I would recommend testing to a 3rd party like:



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