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RPD in H.323 mode

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RPD in H.323 mode

Hi All,


I am facing a problem with RPD in H.323 mode ( both standalone as well as when registered to Cisco VCS).

In the H.323 call the audio is through but the call is not escalating to Video. 


Any thougts/ ideas/ Direction will be highly appriciable......


Thanks & Regards


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Re: RPD in H.323 mode

Adding some more details :-



In the failure scenario during this testing, the OLC packet for GenericVideoCapability being initiated from the Endpoint after MSD and TCS exchange is not seen:



The traces in the RPDLogCollector show many error messages, some like closure of the ‘VideoRTCPSession’ with some error codes:



2013-08-27 14:05:03,948 +0530 [ERROR][MPC] -  [tid = 9684] rtp send h460 data error! sockfd=4396, errno=2, No such file or directory

2013-08-27 14:05:04,627 +0530 [ERROR][CallControl] -  [tid = 9828] SendBytes::EWOULDBLOCK send buf is not available presently, take a sleep

2013-08-27 14:05:05,032 +0530 [ERROR][CallControl] -  [tid = 7984] H323MessageParser::parseOpenLogicalChannelAckRx(), remote site send error multiplexID with zero!

2013-08-27 14:05:05,036 +0530 [ERROR][MPC] -  [tid = 9684] OpenTerminal: terminalID Term-29 is already created

2013-08-27 14:05:17,304 +0530 [ERROR][MPC] -  [tid = 9684] HangUp: close audio rtcp session error

2013-08-27 14:05:17,305 +0530 [ERROR][MPC] -  [tid = 9684] VideoRtcpSessionClose: close video rtcp session error - pstPVXRtcpS

2013-08-27 14:05:17,305 +0530 [ERROR][MPC] -  [tid = 9684] VideoRtcpSessionClose: close video rtcp session error - pstCVXRtcpS

Line 187977: 2013-08-27 14:05:17,408 +0530 [ERROR][CallControl] -  [tid = 3968] SendBytes::EWOULDBLOCK send buf is not av

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Polycom Employee KO
Polycom Employee

Re: RPD in H.323 mode

I'm not sure I understand you correctly.  


I think you said that the MSD and TCS are *not* seen?  If this is the case, then I am suprised that you even got audio.


Or you might have said that after the MSD and TCS were seen, the OLC for GenericVideoCapability was not seen.  One reason this might occur would be if there were no matching video capabililties between the calling and called parties.

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