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RealPresence behind firewall

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RealPresence behind firewall

I've downloaded the most recent version of RealPresence Mobile for iPad and I've tred to connect to a PolyCom test conference unit at unsuccessfully. What ports need to be open both inbound/outbound at the firewall for RPM to function properly?

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Re: RealPresence behind firewall

see the iOS release notes at this site:


from page 17

1720 (TCP) H.323 Signaling

1719 (UDP) Registration, Admission, and Status (RAS)

3230 - 3237 (UDP) Media (RTP/RTCP)

5060 SIP

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Re: RealPresence behind firewall

I'm trying to use RealPresence desktop in my LAN, and be able to call from and to another location. 


I have two offices, one in Uruguay, and one in London. The idea is to buy on GROUP 500 and one GROUP 300 and then be able to call each other over the internet. For now, I have one PC on each office with RealPresence Desktop installed.


I have a FORTIGATE 60C in Uruguay, and tried to set it up to place/receive calls. I have long talks with the people of Fortigate (support team) and the firewall rules seem to be ok, but still I can't place calls normally. In London the PC is hooked directly to the internet (DMZ).


So I would love to get a simple step by step on how to configure every port for the POLYCOM to work, so I can decide whether I buy this devices or not.


Thanks a lot !

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