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RealPressence on XOOM with TandBerg 95 MVX

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RealPressence on XOOM with TandBerg 95 MVX

I connect fine, and communication is excellent. No lost packages.

I sent QVGA and shows up on other side. BUT, ....... other side send 288p.... (512x288) and I get no video.


Both from internal as external over my Xoom 4G video & audio are excellent. This would be a great solution for my executive teams, but not if they cannot see the video.


Any suggestions?



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Re: RealPressence on XOOM with TandBerg 95 MVX

jclent, We just tested a Moto Xoom with a Tandberg  C20 (TC4.2.0.260857), we started out with a 256k call which transmitted 512x288 from the Tandberg and had perfect video. Then we stepped it up to 384, 512, 768 and was able to maintain good quality video all the way through. Our testing was done on the same network without issues. My question would be, have you been able to test both products together on the same LAN? The M500 does not have the ability to NAT so that device would require a true public IP address, or an internal IP address if the Tandberg is also on the same internal LAN. As far as suspecting that the resolution transmitted by the Tandberg to the Xoom is the issue I can confidently tell you that it is not.

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Re: RealPressence on XOOM with TandBerg EDGE 95 MPX

That is great news. I have tried 2 systems, and both times I can see the XOOM sending onto the TV of the tandberg (EDGE 95 MPX), but I don't see returning video. Both have fixed IP inside network, and Audio is fine. In other words the connection is there, just no return video. I tried on m100 on PC and that works fine.


Running upgraded XOOM (4G, although in this case on inside wireless) WLAN call rate on 512K, No gatekeeper, no SIF, H264.

Android version 3.2.2


I might try to reboot, see if that helps :) Windows solution LOL......



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